Thursday, April 30, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter.....

There are moments in life where all a parent can do is laugh. We, as a family, have a tendency to go through microwaves about every 2-3 years. Well, the one we got 2 years ago has now died. You can turn it on, but it doesn't heat anything. My guess is that they don't like having rice cooked in them on an almost daily basis. All that steam and what not. Anywhoo.....It died. Hubby is planning on taking it apart and trying to fix it. (In other words, I have time to research which one I want to get at the store!). Now, it died the other night (Tuesday...after the rice got done cooking!) and we have tried heating various things in it with no success. Today, Mini-Me2 wanted to heat up some french fries. She put them in, hit the time, and hit start. When it beeped and she opened the container, what did this perfect litte sweetheart utter??????


I had just taken a sip of Coke Zero, and let me tell you takes extreme concentration and control to not blow Coke out your nose, nor to inhale it and choke. It does make your eyes water to do this, but so did the diaphragm spasms from trying not to laugh after I actually swallowed the Coke. Now, being a "good" Mommy, I had some choices to make fairly quickly...1) Chastise her for her improper language usage, 2) Crack up and make her think it is OK for a little girl to talk like this, 3) Find out where she heard it or 4) Exit the room carefully and laugh myself silly in private. I chose options 3 & 4.

"Honey, what did you say?"

"When is this thing going to work?"

"Is that all you said?"


"What else did you say?"


"Where did you hear that word?" (Although we use "colorful" language, we are usually very good about not saying THOSE words around little ears.)



The scary part is she actually used it correctly in a sentence while she imitated her Daddy's temper. Mommy is too easy going to have any sort of temper at all....and if you believe that have I got a deal for you!

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