Friday, April 17, 2009

I didn't quite catch that....can you repeat yourself?

You will never guess what I did today! Go ahead....guess.....OK, I'll give. I've been putting together a cage, and a water bottle holder thingy, and 2 food bowls that get screwed in to secure them, and putting together a chinchilla house (made out of wood), and watching as Mini-Me2 just about wets herself cause her daddy said she can get her chinchilla TOMORROW! Did you know that a young girl can ask the same essential question ("When are we going to get my chinchilla????") 8,479 different ways? "When are we getting up in the morning mommy?", "What are we doing after we eat breakfast?", "We don't have to go to the store in the morning do we?", "Will daddy be here or will he already be at work when we go to get the chinchilla?")? Amazing what kids can come up with when they want to.

It is Friday night, and on Fridays and Saturdays, the girls get to stay up a little later since there is no school. Mini-Me2 is already ready for bed at 9:00, wanting "everyone!" to go to bed, so that she can get up in the morning and pester me about when we are going to get her chinchilla. Just watching her get everything ready for her pet is so cute!

I did get a cool techy type thing for her too though. I thought it was is a little electronic device for small animals, that clips on the outside of the cage, that sounds an alarm when it is time to feed, clean the cage, play with your pet, and give them a treat. If you don't press the right button, then your pet gets a mark taken off their "happiness" meter. I thought it was a neat way to make her more aware of her pet, rather than me or daddy coming behind and doing something for her (course we'll keep a watch out on her anyway).

Well, more tomorrow after we return from the great chinchilla safari!

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