Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girls Night Out-Gonna have fun now!

Well, I've got about 20 minutes to go before heading out to our first knitting group for our town. I have no idea how many people are going (I might be the only one!). But, there are no children, no husbands, no laundry or dishes, no fixing dinner involved. There is however friends, chatting, yarn, needles, coffee, and chocolate. How SWEET is that?

Oh, the eBay (stupid jerk) problem has been resolved with the seller refunding all my money. He hadn't responded back to me in 2 days, but when I filed a claim with Paypal....he jumped right on it. Guess having his account frozen got him off his duff pretty quick.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

AARRRGGGHHHH! (Strong language content-you have been warned)

Well, yesterday I did something I don't usually do. We went to the mall and I actually went shopping and bought stuff for me. I feel so prosperous! I bought a pair of Bass sandles for summer in this beautiful reddish brown. I also bought some World's Softest Socks (my favorite commercial socks), some "unmentionables" and 2 Captain Jack coffee/travel mugs. The girls bought a small stuffed animal from Build a Bear plus a new outfit each for their bears (B got a pirate outfit, H got a High School Musical outfit...tee hee hee). It was actually a fun time, but by the time I was done spending money, the crowds had gotten to me. I just don't get why people feel like they have to either walk right in front of you going the opposite way you are and expect you to move out of their way, or that 2 people can take up the entire width of the aisle and move at a snails pace without letting other people by. That is just one of the reasons I hate going shopping.


I recently salvaged a Nintendo DS Lite from the trash can. The only 2 problems w/ it were that the bottom screen (LCD) had an internal crack so the screen has a black smudge/smear on it and one of the hinges is broken. A few months ago I was able to repair my Tungstun C without difficulty so I figure I can repair a Nintendo DS too. I was able to find a replacement screen on eBay (cheap) and ordered it. I've had absolutely no problems with that seller saying they didn't get payment or anything. Then I found a housing replacement and bought it. I paid for it at the time of buying it (I used Buy it Now). 3 days later the "seller" sent me a reminder e-mail about paying. I replied back that I had already paid. Then 2 days after that he said the color I had one (clear blue) was out of stock and I had to pick another color or get a refund. 1) Why offer something for sale if you don't have it?????? 2) Why offer me a refund if you say I haven't paid for it??????? Then yesterday I was on eBay again to get a fountain pen/calligraphy pen. When I won the item this alert popped up and the flippin seller had put through and Unpaid Item complaint through eBay. I responded back (politely....... this time......) and showed the proof that the item has been paid for for a freakin week. Ebay shows that the item has been paid for, Paypal shows that the item has been paid for. So, not being one to sit by and idly twiddle my thumbs, I went to Paypal and filed a "I haven't gotten the damn thing I won you stupid SOB so there" complaint (that isn't the exact wording that Paypal uses for that complaint, but you get the idea). Hopefully he'll (I am assuming it is a he) get his head out of his ass and realize he made a HUGE mistake. When this gets resolved I am going to blast the hell out of this seller to eBay. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I have a 100% rating on eBay and I don't want this idiot to jepordize that rating. Whew. I feel better.

Monday, February 18, 2008

We get to go to school!

I just checked our schools website, and we are supposed to go back to school tomorrow! Finally. I have had it up to my eyeballs with the girls arguing and fighting.

I started a new sock pattern yesterday, and I must say it is not only knitting up quickly, but this is the best fitting sock I've made yet. Here is a pic of it in progress. As soon as I get the first sock done, I will post the pattern.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

(Another) Snow Day!

Yippee. More time with my children. More time with my children that argue. And fight. And get bored. Then aruge and fight more. Hmmm.....since hubby is going to paint the wall (sometime) I wonder what would happen if I duct taped the kids to the wall. Ha. Knowing them, they would have me taped to the wall in a matter of seconds. Today will be spent doing laundry (Damn Laundry Fairy) and generally cleaning up the house. Wow. What a fun (NOT) thing to do on an unexpected day off. Just what I wanted to do when I was jolted awake this morning when hubby's alarm went off and I had thought I had overslept. He had turned off the alarm last night when the announcement was made that schools were closed. Wasn't that sweet?!? Course, after the jolt of waking up quickly because I had thought I overslept pretty much secured the fact that going back to sleep was out of the question. So I got up and made a pot (Yummy!) of coffee and was able to enjoy several cups before the evilarguingmonstergirls....I mean the kids.....woke up. Uh oh...house is quiet...gotta go see what is going on...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day!

We got a snow day! Yippee!

Renovations are coming along. Course the living room is a disaster.

Oops. That's a pic of hubby and "him". My handymanadoptedbrotherinlawcousinpartofthefamily person is the "him". Don't know what I'm going to do about his "fat ass" comment the other night....but pay he will.
Here is a pic of the living room. They, the Brothers Trimm (ha ha ha) are putting up crown molding.

Saturday is supposed to be painting day. I will of course offer support for my hubby doing this by taking myself and the children off for a day with my parents. I will be doing taxes (actually I will be standing by my mommy while SHE does my taxes...her computer, her program, she has control of the keyboard...unless she reads this before Saturday and decides to put me in my place and let me do the taxes...) and hubster will be doing the manual labor. While out, I will probably start looking for a new couch slip cover and yarn to make a new afghan to match the room. Even though I try, I can't get away from buying more yarn. Darn.

The second part of my post is for Moms. I hope I am not the only Mom that has ever asked a question for her child and got a response I was not expecting. I know MY Mom has gone through that (when asking me as a child "What is a 4 letter word, that starts with 'M' and comes from a cow?"...my response....MEAT!....technically right, but not what Mom was expecting). Last night hubby took the girls to Home Depot to buy more "guy stuff". On their way home, my youngest calls me. I chat with her about what is for dinner, what they have done, where they went...you know...all that stuff you talk to your kids about on the phone. Now, knowing that my child is bright (read...I think my child is one of the two smartest kids in the world-the other being her big sister-and there is no way she will NOT understand my questions or fail to give an appropriate response) and that I can maybe get the answer out of her, rather than talking to her sister (read....the oldest child can talk, and talk, and talk, and continue talking until you just want to lay the phone down, go read War & Peace, the unabridged version, and then pick up the phone again) so I very calmly asked the younger "Where are you?". She responded she didn't really know (expected answer). I then asked her what she saw out the window (landmarks, that kind of thing). Her answer? "Rain."