Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I know, I know.....

My step-half-adopted-brother-in-law was razzing me the other day that I "never" post on my blog anymore. PPHHLLBBBTTTTT. And no, you don't get any damn cornbread either.

Now that that is taken care of (tee hee hee).....

We just got back from spring break, and while it was very nice to be off for a glorious 10 days, it was not all leisure time. In fact, little of it was leisure time. In fact, I worked harder last week than I do at work. We moved furniture out, in, around, and then did it all over again. But it was worth it! See? See how pretty it is now? (Don't look at the walls, they haven't been painted...yet.)

Now, on to a "scientific" type post/blog/question. Most educated people know that, over time (lots and lots and lots of time), drops of water can wear a rock away. Using that same deduction, how long do you suppose it will take my youngest Mini-Me2 to wear her father down and let her get her own pet? Since it's been going on since Christmas, I'm figuring he has about another month before he caves. The whole story is amusing though. I love animals. I have had many different and varied pets over the years. There are some that I have problems with (mice, spiders, birds) and some I don't. Mini-Me2 started around her birthday, that she wanted a pet. She started asking for a gerbil (No), then a hamster (NO!), then a guinea pig (HELL NO!). No to a rabbit and bird too. Then she asked for the "not quite so easy for Mommy to say no to" pet. A chinchilla. I have to admit, I was intrigued with her request. I have had chinchillas in the past, and they are very clean (no shedding or parasitic bugs like fleas), have a long life span (10-20 years), and are just the cutest things! Well, over time (aka-daily) Mini-Me2 has gotten Daddy to consent to go and look for them and the phrase "probably after Easter" has actually escaped his mouth within her hearing. I haven't wanted to remind him of that, I'm sure she will. So, we went to a local pet supply/pet store that sold chinchillas and took some pictures for Daddy to see what a chinchilla is. I don't think he'll be able to resist. Do you?

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Paula said...

love the chinchilla, but I have four dogs...think that would be a problem? teehee
Anyway, I wanted to tell you a while back I put your link on my knitting blog nobody reads...today, I posted about and put the picture of your little pirate 'johnny dep'doll and asked people to buy the pattern...Hope that was ok...let me know, if it is not, I'll take it off!
Love your blog...you nifty nurse knitter...so am I! By the way, I have two more blogs... www.thevilulateagarden.blogspot.com and one NOBODY reads...my school nurse blog - www.nursdurkin24492.wordpress.com check 'em out, and send me some cornbread!