Monday, January 14, 2008

Who Wants Spaghetti?

I would love to know what they really put in macaroni, spaghetti and spaghetti sauce. Not the ingredients listed on the box, nor the ingredients listed in a cookbook. But what they don't mention that they put in there. The reason I wonder this is because of the following conversation I had with my youngest child.

Her: "What's for dinner?"
Me: "Fried chicken."
Her: "Can we have spaghetti?"
Me: "No. You had spaghetti yesterday for lunch."
Her: "What else are we having?"
Me: "Mashed potatoes and brocolli."
Her: "We don't ever get spaghetti and we just had brocolli."
Me:" You just had spaghetti yesterday. And you had it last Wednesday for dinner. And you had it the Friday before at Mamou's. It's been since before Christmas that you had brocolli."
Her: "But you can't put brocolli in spaghetti Mommy."
Me: "No spaghetti. Chicken. Potatoes. Brocolli."
Her: "Can we have macaroni with it?"
Me: (Now close to pulling my hair out) "No. Macaroni is too close to spaghetti. No macaroni. No spaghetti."
Her: "But Mommy, spaghetti is long and skinny and macaroni is fat. Can we have spaghetti tomorrow?"
Her: "What about macaroni?"

Do any other mom's get this? Am I the only mom singled out by the pasta monsters? Thus, I wonder just what is in macaroni, spaghetti and spaghetti sauce that has gotten my children addicted to it to the point that that is what they want for dinner every, single night. And no, it can't be a frozen spaghetti dinner. It has to be made. On the stove. With 2 pans and multiple splatters of sauce everywhere because they have to help me stir. And of course we have to have bread with it. Thus the second most frequent question from my youngest.

"Can we have baby bread with that?"

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