Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to Square One came out in the wash (so to speak). Hubby told me last night he hates the red paint. He feels like he is living in blood (his words, not mine). So now we have to go back to the drawing board and pick out something else. He wanted to go with gray. Blech. I explained (quite eloquently) that I wanted COLOR. Not neutrals, not beige, not white or off white, but color. And because I am a reasonable person and am willing to compromise, I specified no blue (don't like it, don't go there), no green (too close to blue for my walls thank you very much), I don't want pink or mauve (even though I do like those colors), no gray or black (too dark), no light gray (too close to blue...see above), no yellow (ugh), no pastels (there is a man in the house....can't be super girly), no purple (never did like Barney), no orange (Go UT...but I have a limit), and no sports themes. Sooooo.......I now have a nice "Tibetian Red" (aka..maroonish but darker than the "blood" currently on the walls) that he is getting used to (aka....coming to grips with). Get ready for round 2 of the redecorating/repainting saga.

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Stine said...

no blue, green, pastels, white (or any version thereof)purple, pink, orange or yellow. that doesn't leave you (or hubs) much of a choice. that leaves black, brown and red. should be interesting and quite dark!