Saturday, January 12, 2008

DaVinci is alive!

Well, hubby is at it again. He's working on the ceilings. Plain white (which is what I prefer). He's gotten the hall painted and is working on the girls bathroom ceiling now. Course, the house now smells like paint (from the Killz he used in the bathroom). We are still debating the colors for the walls. I still like the Tibetian Red but we will just have to wait and see.

I worked on a mini sock this morning in my rainbow yarn. Pretty cute, but I was really after an instant gratification thing. I've sort of lost the momentum on the Crocus Bud socks (Second Sock Syndrome). I did get my Crazy Toes & Heels book yesterday and would love to start a new pair of socks, but I made the resolution that no new projects until the current project is finished. So, I either don't do anything, or I get back to knitting my rainbow socks. Course, I could go ahead and finish the rainbow sweater I started for my oldest a while ago (3 years or so?) by sewing up the seams and then coming up with something to edge the jacket front and neckline (it's a cardigan/jacket). And of course I could dig out my Mom's Fat Cat sweater that I started a loooong time ago (10 years or so?), but I'm just not in the mood for intarsia right now. We will see what I end up doing in a little bit.

The girls are fighting over the computer (again). You would think that they would be OK playing on the one in their room, but Oh No. They would rather play on my computer because it is "faster" (their words, not mine). Thank goodness for my laptop! Dobby (the dog) is beside me giving me "that look" and sighing. It's almost as if she is saying "Mommy, can't I play on your computer too?". Maybe she will just lay down and take a nap while I work on my socks. Nice, homey, lazy Saturday thing to do. But 'DaVinci' just came out and asked me to do something so I guess I should.....he's doing all the hard work, the least I can do is wash the vent thingy he just brought out of the bathroom.

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Suzzie said...

Just paint it whatever color you want while he is gone. If I know him, he won't want to work hard enough to change all of it after it is done.