Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day!

We got a snow day! Yippee!

Renovations are coming along. Course the living room is a disaster.

Oops. That's a pic of hubby and "him". My handymanadoptedbrotherinlawcousinpartofthefamily person is the "him". Don't know what I'm going to do about his "fat ass" comment the other night....but pay he will.
Here is a pic of the living room. They, the Brothers Trimm (ha ha ha) are putting up crown molding.

Saturday is supposed to be painting day. I will of course offer support for my hubby doing this by taking myself and the children off for a day with my parents. I will be doing taxes (actually I will be standing by my mommy while SHE does my taxes...her computer, her program, she has control of the keyboard...unless she reads this before Saturday and decides to put me in my place and let me do the taxes...) and hubster will be doing the manual labor. While out, I will probably start looking for a new couch slip cover and yarn to make a new afghan to match the room. Even though I try, I can't get away from buying more yarn. Darn.

The second part of my post is for Moms. I hope I am not the only Mom that has ever asked a question for her child and got a response I was not expecting. I know MY Mom has gone through that (when asking me as a child "What is a 4 letter word, that starts with 'M' and comes from a cow?" response....MEAT!....technically right, but not what Mom was expecting). Last night hubby took the girls to Home Depot to buy more "guy stuff". On their way home, my youngest calls me. I chat with her about what is for dinner, what they have done, where they know...all that stuff you talk to your kids about on the phone. Now, knowing that my child is bright (read...I think my child is one of the two smartest kids in the world-the other being her big sister-and there is no way she will NOT understand my questions or fail to give an appropriate response) and that I can maybe get the answer out of her, rather than talking to her sister (read....the oldest child can talk, and talk, and talk, and continue talking until you just want to lay the phone down, go read War & Peace, the unabridged version, and then pick up the phone again) so I very calmly asked the younger "Where are you?". She responded she didn't really know (expected answer). I then asked her what she saw out the window (landmarks, that kind of thing). Her answer? "Rain."

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