Thursday, February 14, 2008

(Another) Snow Day!

Yippee. More time with my children. More time with my children that argue. And fight. And get bored. Then aruge and fight more. Hmmm.....since hubby is going to paint the wall (sometime) I wonder what would happen if I duct taped the kids to the wall. Ha. Knowing them, they would have me taped to the wall in a matter of seconds. Today will be spent doing laundry (Damn Laundry Fairy) and generally cleaning up the house. Wow. What a fun (NOT) thing to do on an unexpected day off. Just what I wanted to do when I was jolted awake this morning when hubby's alarm went off and I had thought I had overslept. He had turned off the alarm last night when the announcement was made that schools were closed. Wasn't that sweet?!? Course, after the jolt of waking up quickly because I had thought I overslept pretty much secured the fact that going back to sleep was out of the question. So I got up and made a pot (Yummy!) of coffee and was able to enjoy several cups before the evilarguingmonstergirls....I mean the kids.....woke up. Uh is quiet...gotta go see what is going on...

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