Monday, September 7, 2009

The Classics, Revisited

This morning we spent a little time as a family, watching TV. And lo-and-behold, Barbie is coming out with a new movie. Barbie and the Three Muskateers. Since it had been a few years (27) since I read the novel (partly in French for French class), the brain started clicking. And clicking. And coming up blank. It clicked some more and I still couldn't come up with the names of the Three Muskateers. While Mini-Me 2 was snuggled up with her daddy, and I didn't figure she would understand what I was really asking anyway, so out loud I said "I can not think of the Three Muskateers names!". To my amazement, Mini-Me2 said "That's easy.". Huh????? My 7 year old knows the names of the Three Muskateers????? "It's Mickey, Donald and Goofy Mom...". The duh was implied by the way.

And just because you were curious...their names were Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

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