Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I love to cook and bake. Make things that are not only good for you but that taste good too. Recently I made homemade strawberry jam (Can I just say it is YUMMY!). I encourage the kids to "cook" and make things on thier own. So Mini-Me2 just had to make herself a sandwich. I know she knows how to do this. Without help. But I was a bit slow on the uptake because I delayed in intervening because we didn't have any sandwich meat (she will not eat PB&J-gets that from her Daddy). She was already eating her sandwich. I was a bit wary, but asked anyway.....

"What'cha eating there honey?"
"A sandwich."
"What kind of sandwich?"
"A really good sandwich! Want a bite?"
"What's in it?"
"Mayonase, cheese and pickles! YUM!"
"No thanks honey, you go right ahead and eat your sandwich."


Here are some pics of the chinnys I took the other day.

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