Monday, March 24, 2008

The difference between Mommy and Daddy

Well, we made it home safely from our Easter trip. Thank you M-I-L for everything! We had a lot of fun.

Now, for those of you that have children (notice the plural?).....

In the car, on the way home, the girls fought. From Effingham to Paducah. Off and on..."give me that!"..."You got to do it last time"......."Mom/Dad...she's doing (fill in the blank)"...."I'm hungry"...."I'm not hungry"...."I'm not tired"....."I don't have to go potty"....and so on, and so on, and so on. My darling husband turned to me (after threatening to take away all toys, movies, clothes, blankets, crayons, paper, just about everything except for a paperclip and used tissue) and asked "Do they do this all the time?!?!". Clearly he was (very) frustrated.

Now, that was surely an open ended question he asked. A cute response would have been "Do what?". Snarky response would have sounded something like "Well, if you were at home more often you would know that wouldn't you". Sarcastic "Nope, they only do this on Sundays, when you are driving". Concerned could have been "Well, do you think we should do something about it?" But no, I just looked at him and said "Yep. And you are doing a fine job of keeping them in line too." Then went back to my sock. Tee hee hee....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What do you mean it's Wednesday already?!?!?!?

Wow. I can hardly believe that it is Wednesday already. We are into March! Well, lots of stuff has been going on. My youngest is in the last leg of her F.R.E.D. (Families Read Every Day) project and has decided that she wants to "WIN". The goal was to read 100 books by April 14th. We have read over 200 (for now) and so far this week we have read 21 books (3 days, 21 books, yep....7 books a day!). She is determined to be the one that reads the most. The best part...she is now reading to us. Of the 21 books, she has read 7 herself to either myself or hubby. I'm so proud! Grandma, if you are reading this, we are planning on bringing books with us because she wants to read to you. Get the tissues ready.

All this week the girls have had fun things to do for Read Across America week. Monday they dressed as their favorite book character (Amelia Bedelia and Hermione Granger), Tuesday was wear your PJ's to school day. Today was dress for the royal court as a prince, princess, king or queen. Both girls were princesses (per their Daddy). Tomorrow is dress like your favorite wild animal. We are planning on a black leopard and a unicorn. Friday is Freaky Friday/Mismatched clothes day. Boy is that one going to be fun!

I kind of hit a snag with my knitting. Bad person that I am, I started (another) project without finishing the 2 (or more) I currently have in progress. I picked out yarn that closely matched the paint we are using in the living room, and the furniture (without the slip covers) and started a new afghan for the living room. I still have to finish my other Fleet Street Fingerless Barber Mitts and the sock(s) I've got going. But, the afghan goes quick so I'm not too worried. And when spring break is here (Woo Hoo!) I'll be putting the finishing touches on the communion gown for the oldest daughter. Crud. Just remembered that I have to get Easter dresses and shoes and such too. Which means I have to go shopping. Ugh.

On a cute note, my Depphead (her word, not mine) friend got a little surprise in her mailbox at work this morning and I can't wait to see what she thought of it! Tee hee hee. I got her a set of artificial nails that are black with little tiny silvery white skull and crossbones on each tip with a small pink rhinestone in one eye. You gott be a Depphead to appreciate it.