Monday, March 24, 2008

The difference between Mommy and Daddy

Well, we made it home safely from our Easter trip. Thank you M-I-L for everything! We had a lot of fun.

Now, for those of you that have children (notice the plural?).....

In the car, on the way home, the girls fought. From Effingham to Paducah. Off and on..."give me that!"..."You got to do it last time"......."Mom/Dad...she's doing (fill in the blank)"...."I'm hungry"...."I'm not hungry"...."I'm not tired"....."I don't have to go potty"....and so on, and so on, and so on. My darling husband turned to me (after threatening to take away all toys, movies, clothes, blankets, crayons, paper, just about everything except for a paperclip and used tissue) and asked "Do they do this all the time?!?!". Clearly he was (very) frustrated.

Now, that was surely an open ended question he asked. A cute response would have been "Do what?". Snarky response would have sounded something like "Well, if you were at home more often you would know that wouldn't you". Sarcastic "Nope, they only do this on Sundays, when you are driving". Concerned could have been "Well, do you think we should do something about it?" But no, I just looked at him and said "Yep. And you are doing a fine job of keeping them in line too." Then went back to my sock. Tee hee hee....

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