Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you my mother?

Many years ago we started out with one mocking bird. Then we got another one. Then they reproduced and so forth and so forth and so on. Now, we have mocking birds all over, in just about every tree on our property. And this little fella was getting a stern talking to from mom & dad yesterday about flying before you are ready. Then of course, he (or she) fell out of the tree. That's when my daughters found him (or her). And then we put him back in the tree. Course, mom & dad were a might bit ticked at us and put up a huge (HUGE) racket. Then after the coast was clear (we had retreated to a safe distance) the little bird took a good flight. Then he cried for mom & she fed him. It was sweet.

And these are my current project. Working out the pattern is fun and a stress relief. Course, when it is done it will be posted on Ravelry. I really like the way it is looking like flames. Course, the yarn is Phoenix (and the name Fawkes was already taken for a pattern name) so for now the name of the sock is "Rising from the Flame".

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