Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When it hits the fan...it hits the fan!

Well, some things just keep getting better and better around here. My walls are painted (YIPPEEE!) and we are just waiting for the floors. Which should be in next week. While DH is gone. For work. Out of town. For the next 2 weeks. Isn't that going to be fun for me? Aren't you just so envious of me having to take care of the kids, move all the stuff (aka crap) back and forth, back and forth, then clean it up so that DH can come home to a "new" house. And youngest gets to start swimming lessons next week. 3 days a week. For 2 weeks. But that is OK. Both kids HAVE to learn how to swim without nose clip things so that we can get the pool in the back yard for the summer. That is the deal.

The zoo was wonderful yesterday. I so enjoyed being a chaperone to 3 kids (2 little boys and my youngest). We had the wagon loaded with water, juice, first aid kit, backpack, lunches, and the kids. Can you look up the word pack mule in Websters? See that picture there....it's ME! We saw all of 2 exhibits (the creepy crawlies and the Lorakeets-? spelling). Took 88 pictures. Fed a whole bunch of the birds-the kids loved it. Visited the gift shop (I bought the whole class pencils). And played on the absolutely awsome playground. Twice. Fixed one boo boo. Came home and took a nap till the kids got home. I am pathetic. They wore me out!

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